Welcome! I’m Marianne and I empower women to harness their strengths, bust through fear, and design a life they love. If you’re here, my guess is that you’re feeling super stressed and looking for a way to live your purpose while balancing the demands of a crazy career and family.

I get it. There are so many pressures for us as women, moms & professionals. It’s a balancing act and that tightrope gets thinner with each added responsibility.

What would life look like if you felt confident and radiant every day?

If you walked through life with gratitude and happiness and dropped the guilt and second guessing?

It’s possible. Our perspective  & expectations of ourself is insanely impacted by dysfunctional beliefs we learn throughout our lives. It’s totally possible to drop the beliefs that are holding you back, become unstuck and design your life with purpose and love. 

“But how? I feel like I’m barely hanging on, how does this work?”

We start by figuring out what it is you really want and digging through all the limiting beliefs keeping you stuck. I want to open your mind up to the possibility that you ARE important & you CAN succeed in whatever way YOU define success.

I’m an Ivy-League trained psychotherapist, real-life experienced healer. Check out my Work With Me page so we can get started. I can’t wait to meet you.