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Utilizing a holistic approach, I provide the space for clients to work through fear-based beliefs and unhelpful patterns that all to often lead to feelings of anxiety, depression and low self-confidence. I  believe that everyone deserves to experience the sweetness life can offer. I get it, things can get in the way and keep you stuck, feeling unable to experience true happiness or even simple contentment. Our work together will empower you to face those feelings you’ve been avoiding, gain new perspectives and free yourself to be more than “the problem” you’re experiencing. One of my specialities is working with busy, high-stressed mamas wanting to drop the struggle and gain clarity on goals, passion, and purpose. Let’s reclaim your identify and find balance in this crazy life.

So let’s get real and figure it out. I see clients in person in a beautiful space in Southington, CT (check it out below). Not in the area or finding it hard to carve out the time for an office visit? I am also available via a secure on-line site (like Skype) to meet the needs of people looking for a way to access therapy that is compatible with their lifestyle. 

For clients who’ve experienced significant trauma, I provide evidence-based treatments for PTSD (meaning they’re supported by science). You can learn more about these treatments here:  Cognitive Processing Therapy – and – Prolonged Exposure Therapy

Some FAQ: 

  • What insurances do you accept? Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Husky CT, Private Pay and Out-of-Network.

  • What is Out-of-Network? (oh just an amazing benefit many people don’t realize they have). If you do not have one of the above listed insurances, you can call your insurance company to ask if they participate in Out-of-Network mental health services and how much they reimburse per session. Insurance companies will typically reimburse 50-80 % to you directly, so your out of pocket expense is basically a co-pay!

  • What is your rate and why would I private pay? Sessions range from $110-175 depending on length and type of service.  When working with insurance companies, they require a mental health diagnosis. Many people want confidentiality for employment purposes or personal reasons so they do not go through their insurance. An even bigger reason,  I believe,  is that therapy helps us learn how to deal with life when life gets overwhelming; and this often means we don’t have a diagnosable mental health condition.
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Let’s chat!  To schedule an initial appointment or to learn more about the possibilities of our work together write me at  or give me a call at 203.232.3107