Gratitude-Changes-Everything-Free-Printable-Gray-GoldLife gets busy.

Things get pushed aside, “saved for later”, and let’s face it, these things are often the most essential for our well being. How many times have you reflected on your day and got stuck on all the things you didn’t do vs. all that you did?

That’s where I’ve been stuck lately. Over the last 6 months or so I’ve developed some stellar plans on what I want my career, family and lifestyle to look like. When it comes to goal setting, I can can create a killer “treatment plan” for myself. Then I freeze. I begin a project, just to get hung up on one detail that curbsides the whole thing. I believe wholeheartedly that our greatest strengths are often our biggest weaknesses, but also weakness can be a strength! I am extremely self-critical. Often this leads to me getting wrapped up in negative self-talk, zero self-care, and an all-around lack of compassion for myself. Sounds awful just writing it! I would NEVER want a client of mine to engage in this behavior. But then… I realize self criticism is way more than putting energy to one’s faults or weaknesses. It’s about being away of your beliefs, thoughts, and actions. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT. The more self aware I am, the more I know what I want and the more I recognize what steps I need to get there. It’s all about perspective.

For that I am grateful. I can come from a place where it’s not about what I didn’t do or what I wish I had done. It’s putting my energy towards those things I did do. No matter how small. Being able to prepare a meal for my family, staying fully present while sitting through a difficult session, hell, even just remembering to put on deodorant before leaving the house.

What can  you reflect on today, in this moment? What happened today that reflects living the kind of life you want to live and what can you do tomorrow to keep the momentum going?



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