This past weekend marked my second month of yoga teacher training. Words can’t describe. 

Here are my takeaways:

  • How you show up on your yoga mat is a reflection of how you show up in the world. Most days, on my mat, I challenge myself to push a little further and go a little deeper. I put a lot of pressure on myself to “please” the teacher. Comparison creeps in and I look at others to reinforce that I’m doing it “right”. This is often how I show up in my own life. My intention I’ve set for myself is one of loving acceptance, of being satisfied in the present moment with whatever it is I bring to the table. There are some days where “going a little deeper” just doesn’t serve us. Those are the days when being gentle and compassionate with ourselves is exactly what we need. Yoga has taught me to listen to my body and honor it, stop judging it. 
  • There is no perfect pose, there is no final destination. I’ve often said to myself “I’ll feel ____ when I get ____”. I’ll be satisfied when we move into a bigger house. I’ll be stable when I get that promotion. Well, no. Things don’t end whether you get to X or not. Warrior II looks different for everyone. Work on progress; because you’re idea of the destination is going to change ten-fold and there is no finish line in life. 
  • It’s okay if I’m vulnerable. By being vulnerable, we give ourselves the opportunity to take productive risks. On the mat that may look like going into an inversion, knowing I might topple over, but letting myself do it anyways. In life it may be going on that interview you’re scared shitless of and feel totally unqualified for. You may fall, but what if you fly? 
  • Alignment matters. Focus on alignment and you’ll feel an awakening within your body and in your poses. Align your actions with your values and you can drop the guilt game and feel some peace within yourself. 
  • Find ease in the discomfort. Embrace that shake in your legs when you’ve sat in chair pose (Utkatasana) for too long. Life is unpredictable. It has ups and downs and there will be many points where we feel some form of discomfort. Find the ease in it, allow yourself to sit with it, it will pass. 

Explore what comes up for you throughout your practice, because that’s what yoga and life is. It’s a practice, it’s not a destination and it’s certainly not something to perfect. 

:: Namaste ::


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    • Marianneeliza
      May 14, 2016 at 1:17 pm (2 years ago)

      Thanks!!! happy weekend 🙂


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