Creating a vision board with your little ones is a stellar way to encourage beautiful discussion, creativity and intention setting for the upcoming year. The other night E and I broke out the Modge Podge and got cutting.

What is a vision board?



Easy. It’s a collection of images/phrases/objects that represent how you want to feel, be and do in the upcoming year. It’s about setting intentions & goals. So, if I put an image a bright, fluffy peony on my board, it’s not because I want more peonies in my life [but hey, that’d be pretty cool], it’s because I feel fresh, vibrant and happy when I have a fresh-cut bouquet in my kitchen and I want to create more of that in my life. It likely represents that my work is flourishing because I can afford to have fresh-cut flowers for no other reason then they make me feel good.  I might also put a photo of a vacation spot because I want to build memories with my family, or images that represent health and wellness.



The focus should be on creating a visual representation of what it is you want to accomplish. Figure out what your goals are for the year & write them down! If you know your outcome you are more likely to achieve it and work through the steps it takes to get you there. When your intention is set on where you want to be in life, the vision board acts as a way to reinforce behaviors that will lead you closer to that place. So put it where you will see it everyday!

This was a great activity to do with E. As she cut out images, we talked about what each one meant to her. Some were funny and cute, like the dog because she always feels playful around dogs [seriously, the girl that screamed death around a dog?] and wants more of that. She also put boss lady because, simply, she’s awesome and is coming into her own independence.


As a mom to an almost-tween girl, candid conversations are less frequent & I’m not as “cool” as I used to be. When kids are busy creating, the conversation just flows and this was a great way to connect with her.

Here are some links that talk more about vision boards, what they’re about and how to get one started! Enjoy!

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