“Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait, and wait without anxiety” – A Course in Miracles

I began my relationship with yoga 8 years ago.

I remember my first time walking into a hot yoga studio in New Haven. I was nervous, didn’t know what on earth I was doing, but that I needed some serious grounding. When I left my legs and arms were literally shaking, but there was a new lightness in my heart I hadn’t felt in so long. I’ve tried (literally) almost every workout, hobby, interest, blah blah, out there. But this was different. It wasn’t just about moving my body and feeling like this was a great workout (however, it’s a major bonus). It was a lifestyle that aligned perfectly with how I wanted to be in the world. Over the past 8 years my practice has waxed and waned; sometimes I can hold a handstand like a champ (thanks gymnastics) sometimes I smash my face into the ground (thanks ice cream & wine). But when I return to the mat, I feel home.

yoga circle

And then I learned about yoga and therapy. Wait… what?

I remember learning about the yoga prison project back in my undergrad program. And thought.. I can do this?!?

And then I forgot about that. Life went on and I was lucky if I could carve out 2 hours a week to get to a studio (thanks Yogaglo). Two years ago I found a local studio (thanks Erica) that felt like the right fit. If you’ve ever  been to multiple studios you might know what I’m talking about – some places just didn’t vibe.

This past year has been all about GROWTH, leaning into fears, doing things before I feel ready and just not giving a f***. So I figured, why not add one more thing?

So I did.

In two weeks I’ll begin the 200 hour RYT course! And continue my work at the VA, build my practice, raise two kids, love my friends, family & M, and smile. And laugh, and cry and probably throw something across my kitchen because I’m so frustrated. But then I’ll be able to use yoga in my daily work and spread its healing magic all over because it’s just that good. And it will take a year, which seems so long. But it’s all good.

Because I’m certain of the outcome.


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