As the days get shorter, colder, and darker, without fail, I notice myself slipping. If it snows once, great, if it snows 3x a week I want to curl up in a ball and hide. So here’s a collection of some things that I hope can help you bust through your winter blues !

– This Kate Spade planner for all my type As. Yes ! January means we get to start over with a crisp new planner. Get on it.

– Katie Dalebout’s blog, The Wellness Wonderland for some daily inspiration, super pretty graphics, and connection with other like-minded women.

– Bacon blue cheese mashed potato waffles. Make these now !

– Pull the kids off your ankles and occupy some time with these creative, easy & cheap winter activities.

– Make a funfetti sugar cookie house because.. yes.

– Practice gratitude. I can’t say it enough. It has the power to change your brain structure (WHOA) and if you don’t believe me check this article out.

– Lastly, get up and move. Get those endorphins pumping. Get moving for the purpose of FEELING GOOD and ONLY that purpose. It’s not about calories, weight or size. This is my absolute favorite online yoga studio and you can snag a 2-wk free trial.

Have  a happy, healthy and inspired holiday !




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